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The Parent’s ToolKit

Posted on February 2, 2012

Naomi, The Kids Coach, has just brought out her first parenting book. Called ‘The Parents Toolkit’ it helps give your child the confidence and skills so they can be the best they can at school, home and play.

In the book she shares the key life tools she uses and teaches so that you can help your child successfully navigate childhood problems and grow up into a happy, confident and resilient young adults. As coaching is a collaborative process her tools include teaching your child positive self-talk, simple problem-solving techniques to encourage your child to arrive at the right solution to an issue, and specific advice for you as a parent to hone your own listening and coaching skills.

One of the chapters that is included in the book is separation and divorce. The issues that are raised in this chapter are based around the many questions children have about their parents separation and the circumstances that lead on from it. It gives parents a great insight as to what is going through their child’s mind, their thoughts and their feelings.

Aimed at parents with children aged 6+ and divided into the most important areas of a child’s life, ‘The Parent’s Toolkit’ is packed with real-life examples, useful hints to help you in conversations with your child and creative ideas to help solve problems.

Upbeat, insightful and incredibly practical, ‘The Parent’s Toolkit’ is essential reading for any parent wanting to give their child the best start in life.

The book can be bought from her website:

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One Response to “The Parent’s ToolKit”

  1. Ali on April 18th, 2012 9:05 pm

    Victoria: What I found very useful on this aitrcle is that they advice to set rules for the kids. I have seen many cases in which parents spoil their kids as a way to make up for the divorce, and they keep doing it for years. This only makes things worse, for both parents and kids. Having rules and following schedules make kids more secure and also feeling better in the environment they live, even if it went through some changes.

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